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Borders: Territory Of Ruptures

Brazil 2020, digital, color, 3 minutes

Directed by Amanda Gatti and Gustiele Fistaról

With the arrival of the new coronavirus and the beginning of social distancing, it was necessary to reinvent ways of creating collectively. Digital platforms have become the place for a possible meeting, and this has also instigated us to create with people from anywhere in the world. Even in a post-pandemic future, we believe that these works created remotely / collectively, will be more and more frequent. Internet access and digital platforms collaborate to break these spatial borders. The digital connection crosses oceans and contributes to an increasingly plural, intercultural and internationally shared creation. The future is now!

In this “digital territory”, the geographical borders are dissipated and the physical ones find multiple possibilities.

The video performance “Borders: Territory of Ruptures” was developed in 2020 in remote condition by two artists who were in social isolation in different countries, Amanda Gatti (in Italy) and Gustiele Fistaról (in Brazil), and who amid a pandemic proposed a joint research, seeking to expand their understanding of the concept of "Border", considering the body, space and everything that crosses them.

For a better approach of the concept, the artists started to collect audio, which answered the question: “For you, what is a border?” and body image, - fragmented and moving parts of the body - considering the body as the main border.

Based on the concepts of the philosopher Gilles Deleuze, who approaches and associates the terms “border” and “difference” - not only physical / spatial but also related to thought - the video-performance addresses “difference” as a great power not only for understanding the complexity of our beings, but its importance in the formation of an identity as well. The “border” that Deleuze deals with is constantly changing in space-time, constantly being updated. These updates happen because we touch or experience the difference.

The purpose of the video performance is to enable a visual and reflective experience, which seeks to "awaken" the viewer to their borders, inviting them to perceive them as an event, a place of communication, articulation, deconstruction and growth. To recognize ourselves as complex beings, with different points of view.








Sound Research                              

Participation (Voices)


Amanda Gatti, Gustiele Fistaról

Amanda Gatti, Gustiele Fistaról

Amanda Gatti

Gustiele Fistaról

Fede Fernandez, João Pedro Karpss, 

Laura Piccoli, Mani Torres, Matheus Pandolfo, Pedro Henrique da Fontoura

Território de Rupturas - Coletivo



CineFone (2020 - Brazil)

SPMAV (2020 - Brazil)

Mostra 2055 UFRB (2021 - Brazil)

UDigital (2021 - UK)

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