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Borders - Territory of Ruptures
The video art was collectively and remotely created, using digital platforms by the two Brazilian artists Amanda Gatti and Gustiele Fistaról. They proposed to demystify the term "border", seeking through the performance, to expand the understanding of the term, which carries in the first moment, a slight association with the historical records of territorial wars and geographic limits.

To this end, the artists started from the collection of audios in which people answered "What is border for you?" and also the physical image - moving body, body parts - considering the body as the main border.
concept/research, directors, performers
editing, animation
sound research
english subtitles


Amanda Gatti, Gustiele Fistaról

Amanda Gatti
Gustiele Fistaról
Pedro Mendes
Fede Fernandez, João Pedro Karpss, Luci Fagundes, Laura Piccoli, Mani Torres, Matheus Pandolfo, Pedro Henrique da Fontoura
Território de Rupturas
It was supported using public funding by the FAC RS Lei Aldir Blanc (Brazil).
Screenings, Exhibitions

2022 - No More Hot.Air (Barrow-in-Furness, UK) - Exhibition by Art Gene

2021 -  Exit BR (Europe) - Virtual Screening

               Digital Notes (Barrow-in-Furness, UK) - Virtual exhibition by Art Gene
               Mov.Cidade Festival (Espírito Santo, Brazil)
               Arte Postal Digital (Pelotas, Brazil)
               TRELA Festival (Pelotas, Brazil

2020 - 2055 
(Bahia, Brazil) - Virtual Exhibition by UFBA
               SPMAV (Pelotas, Brazil)

It was awarded at the Mov.Cidade Festival (2021)
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-15 at
WhatsApp Image 2021-08-24 at 20.53.24.jpeg
Screening in a public space of Espírito Santo city during the Mov.Cidade Festival (2021, Brazil)
Borders Territory of Ruptures.jpeg
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