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Deriva Transversal
In search of new territorialities, poetically disobeying spatial logic, three artists, even if physically separated, found themselves in a digital space and travel through a path from Fortaleza/Brazil (from the Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar to the statue of Iracema Guardiã) transposed to their own cities (Porto Alegre/BR, Farroupilha/BR and London/UK) without knowing exactly which street they will pass by, for how long they will walk or what will be the point of arrival equivalent to the “Iracema Guardiã” statue, offering themselves to the unpredictable.
sound design
graphic design
english subtitles

Amanda Gatti, Gustiele Fistaról, Tiago Gasperin
Amanda Gatti
Tiago Gasperin

Gustiele Fistaról
Tiago Gaspe
Pedro Mendes
Território de Rupturas
It was supported by the Imaginários Urbanos Festival (Fortaleza, Brazil).
Screenings, Exhibitions

2022 - Tourist in your own home (Berlin)  - Exhibition by Astro
               R4ch4dur4 (Porto Alegre, Brazil) - Exhibition by Festivau de C4nn3s

2021 -  Imaginários Urbanos Festival (Fortaleza, Brazil) - Virtual Screening
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Deriva Transversal_05.png
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