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Performance Installation

Sound Installation


The work was commissioned by Fagner Damasceno, curator of the group exhibition 'Escape', presented at the Casiere Gallery.

Performance Installation

Mirrors. Mirrors that reflect us, but also cut us. The blood that pulses from the veins and runs down the skin. The things we can't escape, so we deny them. Does the blood smeared on the mirror make your reflection look more alive?


A naked performer, two pieces of mirrors, a dress, and a hanger

Performance designed for gallery spaces

Duration: 30 minutes

The performance took place during the vernissage, but the installation - made up of materials from the action - continued until the end of the exhibition period.


Sound Installation

Sound engineer André DiNapoli, in partnership with performer Amanda Gatti, created a sound mechanism that was installed behind one of the gallery's white walls. When approaching this wall, the public was able to hear a sound, or rather, a female voice that asking to leave this solid structure.


Sound installation designed for gallery spaces

Duration: 5 minutes (loop)


Escape-Epacse (Performance Installation)

Conception and Performance by Amanda Gatti

Fashion Design: ASAP, by Sergio Amaro

Soundtrack: André DiNapoli

Photo documentation: Pedro Mendes

Thanks to: Leonardo Lague, and Pedro Mendes

Escape-Epacse (Sound Installation)

Conception by LV.Boratório - André DiNapoli

Voice performance: Amanda Gatti

Recording and Mixing: André DiNapoli

Thanks to Duane Cerutti

Past dates:


Escape (Group Exhibition), Casiere Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil

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