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Nos.Otros Work
Father and daughter live a continent away from each other. Amanda is a performance artist and currently lives in Spain. Mauro is a civil engineer and has lived in Brazil all his life. Since she left Brazil, more than 3 years ago, Amanda has been talking to her father through spontaneous video calls, but there's a catch: he is always working. Mauro works from Monday to Monday. However, work and different time zones don't prevent them from talking - in a way, that's the way they maintain their bond.

Is it possible that work causes us genuine satisfaction, or would that be a fiction that imprisons us?

Is it possible to find a moment of relief in the midst of work?

How to reconcile work and life?

How to subvert work without ceasing to generate capital?

It is from these questions that the idea of ​​a performance arises, which consists of an operation that takes place in a live video call. Father and daughter talk about work and catch up on other issues in their lives.

daughter and
performance artist

father and civil engineer
Amanda Gatti

Mauro Gatti

Below you can see the development of this project ↓
#1 The Invitation

This video shows the exact moment when Amanda invites her father to perform in the project. He accepts her proposal and then the first action is scheduled to happen in the next week.

This video is an edite
d compilation and it's used as the introduction of the live performance. 

March 2023
#2 Performance No 1

The first time the project was made public was during one of the MA's sessions that Amanda has been undertaking at the Museo Reina Sofía, with mentorship by Núria Güell.

The action of talking while working was displayed by a projection that was connected to Amanda's laptop.

Reina Sofía Museum - Madrid/ES
March 2023
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