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Who's next?

Live Performance


The work was commissioned by the Festa Goodbye Lenin, represented by Eduardo Feijó.

Live Performance

As a performance created to happen in a nightclub, it takes inspiration from the cult film "Liquid Sky", by Slava Tsukerman. Bringing elements of transformation through makeup, the performer carries with her the head of a mannequin while she regurgitates an ironic text about conservatism, capitalism and the artistic medium.


A performer, a mannequin head, and a chair

Duration: 30 minutes


Who's next? (Live Performance)

Conception, text and performance by Amanda Gatti

EN-PT Translation: Pedro Mendes
Photo documentation: Enrique Salgado

Thanks to: Eduardo Feijó, and the Ocidente Bar

Past dates:


Ocidente, Porto Alegre, Brazil

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