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Performance Artist; Mask;
photo by Gustavo Razzera | performed by Amanda Gatti
Site-Specific Perfomance
The projects below were presented in theatres or unconventional spaces, such as urban scenery in dialogue with architecture, alternative art galleries and other venues. Each project includes a detailed description.
Cine Viaje
Spain, France | 2017
video art
A young woman travels alone in the south of France and Catalonia (Spain) recording everything she finds on her way. She has only two certainties: she must visit the Museo del Cinema in Girona, and the train station of La Ciotat - the place where the Lumière brothers shot what is considered by some the first film ever made, "Arrival of a train at La Ciotat" (1895).

A letter
Brazil | 2015
short film | essay
Months after her grandmother passed away, Amanda, still a teenager at the time, records banal things from her grandfather's routine. A family lunch, the washing machine working, the backyard and its rose bushes, and grandfather's traditional cake. The voice of Amanda's mother and father can also be heard in the background.
collaborations with Pedro Mendes (filmmaker and visual artist)
Brazil | 2021
short film
An experimental work blurs the lines between film and video art, flirting with the horror cinema and exploring a dreamlike aesthetic marked by symbolic imagery and fragmented editing, as well as an organic and atmospheric soundscape.


Inspired by the emblematic feminist horror tale, "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman; the artwork explores themes such as feminism and mental health.​


2021 Mostra SESC de Cinema (BR)

2021 Mostra Play The Movie (BR)

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Vanilla Underground
UK | 2021
16mm short film
Shot on 16mm. The film follows Brendan, a man who struggles with his identity after a sexual encounter with a male prostitute takes an unexpected turn.


Vanilla Underground explores the ambiguity of human sexuality  and the thin line between pleasure and violence, specially when these are contained in the same experience or expressed in similar ways.


2021 London Film School (UK)

After Myself - IG Posts.png
After Myself
UK | In Post-Production
Experimental Documentary / Short by Pedro Mendes
A personal essay that combines documentary with experimental cinema and explores universal themes such as memory, nostalgia, and grief through archival footage from the director's childhood.

Território de Rupturas is a multidisciplinary collective co-founded by Brazilian artists Amanda Gatti, Gustiele Fistaról and Tiago Gasperin in 2020, who propose to investigate possibilities of creations - digital and/or in person - based on the artistic experiences of each member.

The collective, currently based in Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom, researches and creates, above all, from the terms “border” and “immigration”, understood as a place of “difference” in the theory of “Dérive” by the Situationist Guy Debord on the act of walking and the concept of “Infraordinary” by Georges Perec, that relates everyday life and art.

Since its foundation, the collective has created several video performances that have been shown in national and international festivals. It also carried out training for research and audiovisual artists, through cultural support funds. Its last action was a Workshop that resulted in a collective drift with participants from several countries in South America and Europe.