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Workshops facilitated by Amanda Gatti as part of exhibitions, festivals and institutions programs.
Amanda Gatti is an experienced and creative facilitator who has been designing learning experiences from 2016. She brings excellent facilitation skills to build safe spaces for artistic experimentation since a transdisciplinary approach. She has worked with artists, adults, teens and children. Teaching areas of expertise are performative and creative practice, urban intervention, and audiovisual. Teaching credits include UFRGS Cultural Centre (Brazil), Casa Peirô (Brazil), Performing Arts - UFRGS Post Graduation Program (Brazil), Brazilian Philosophy Marathon, Tropé Festival, Arqueologias Afetivas Research Group (Portugal) and others.


2022 - Póvoa de Santa Iria, Portugal
A city exists through the stories we tell, embedded in affections and memories. It is a common territory between people, but each one has a personal and unique relationship with the space and time lived there.

A workshop facilitated by Amanda Gatti that aims to investigate the city as a performing space full of possibilities and narratives.


Virtual workshop in the context of Covid-19
s from Latin America and Europe

2021 - Moinho Cultural (Farroupilha, Brazil)
2021 - Mostra Tropé (São Paulo, Brazil)
This virtual workshop facilitated by Amanda Gatti and Gustiele Fistaról introduced some ideias around spatial urban practice, incorporating ideias such as "dérive" and sensory ethnography. It consisted of a short walk and discussion. All of the participantes were connected through a video call and during the practise they were walking in their own cities.
2ª Edição - Oficina Transver Ação - Corpo e Memória.png

Virtual artistic programme

2021 - 1st Edition (for participants from Brazil)
An artistic programme for training and supporting young emerging artists from Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil. It was facilitated and managed by Amanda Gatti and Gustiele Fistaról (Território de Rupturas collective). Several actions were carried out in order to qualify artists and provoke reflections on the terms “border and difference” - six video performances (Available here) and a masterclass entitled "Becoming Border: Thinking Through Difference". The project was supported using public funding by the Marcopolo Foundation (Brazil).
border territory of investigation.png

2019 - Centro Cultural UFRGS (Brazil)
2016 - Casa Peirô (Brazil)
This workshop took place twice in the city of Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. It consisted of experimenting with arte povera in audiovisual animation. Students were encouraged to create their own animations and then the proposals were exhibited.
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