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Duct Tape,

Video Performance


Video available under request

Ladder, Duct Tape, Clothes is a video-performance developed during an artistic resident at Azala, Lasierra (Spain), where Amanda Gatti and Mariquiña Diaz explored the objects listed in the title in relation to time, space and their bodies. Through their improvisation of a game between the two of them,  the artists create a situation in which architectural images are constructed and deconstructed at the same time.




Video: 18'30" | Digital | 16:9 | Color | Spain


Ladder, Duct Tape, Clothes (Video Performance)

Performers: Amanda Gatti, Mariquiña Diaz

Editing: Amanda Gatti

Recording: Mariquiña Diaz

Additional recording: Rodrigo Vallero-Puertas

It was developed during the residency at Azala Kreazio Espazioa, in Lasierra/Spain.

Captura de Tela 2023-05-24 às 23.26.29.png
Captura de Tela 2023-05-24 às 23.33.58.png
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