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La Plasti Ciudad del Cuerpo


Photo Catalogue

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In a notion of occupying the space as an installation, the artist explores possibilities of fusing objects that were previously discarded in the streets with her body, with the intention of producing ephemeral architectural figures, giving rise to improvised situations that, without any desire to communicate something specific, they encourage the viewer to generate their own connections. 


As a primary procedure for the action, a few days preceding the presentation, the artist collects these objects discarded in the urban environment in her house, collected in different areas of Madrid. During this short period of time there is a kind of cohabitation of the domestic environment together with this accumulation, in this way generating an approach of the artist to the objects. The selection criterion for the objects is the moderate size that they all have, even of different natures, so that the artist can hold them on her body during the action.

By incorporating objects collected from the streets into the body, a functional displacement of these objects is produced, which, when added together, establishes an excess, a visual accumulation characteristic of the urban environment.  The gesture informs what the second step is about the objects, and the space. From this body-object mutability, the artist subtly grabs the debris, holding the figures as long as possible, like ruins in the landscape.


  • Solo performance designed for non-conventional, public spaces and galleries. A space of a minimum of 9m2 is necessary.

  • As the work is based on improvisation, each presentation is different, as is the selection of the objects used.

  • The audience can stand around the performer, even circulate during the action. It's allowed to enter and leave the space at any time. After the performance time has passed, all people are invited to leave the space.

Duration: 20 – 60 minutes (depending on the type of event)

*Video documentation is available under request


La Plasti Ciudad del Cuerpo (Performance-Installation)

Conception, and performance by Amanda Gatti
Support and video documentation: Hugo Hemmi, Pedro Mendes

Photo documentation: Rodrigo Valero-Puertas

Thanks to: Antonio Pérez Foundation, Fine Arts School of the Castilla-La Mancha University, ARTEA, Reina Sofía Museum, Diana Delgado-Ureña, Rosa Casado, and Pedro Mendes

Past dates:


Acción Spring(t) Congress, UCM, Madrid/Spain


Fundación Antonio Pérez, Cuenca/Spain

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-22 at 23.16.50 (1).jpeg

Fundación Antonio Pérez, March 2023, Cuenca/Spain (Photos above)

UCM, April 2024, Madrid/Spain  (Photos below)


Photo Catalogue

Virtual Map

For 28 days, the artist collected an object/material that was discarded in the streets of Madrid. The objects (a total of 28) were then gathered in a photographic catalogue, and the locations in which they were collected were added to a virtual map (available here).


Variable dimensions


La Plasti Ciudad del Cuerpo (Photo Catalogue/Virtual Map)

Conception, photography and catalogue by Amanda Gatti

The catalogue and virtual map took a physical format, and was available during the performance at the Antonio Pérez Foundation, Cuenca/Spain.

Catalogue - La plasti ciudad del cuerpo.png
Catalogo - La plasti ciudad del cuerpo.png
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