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Durational Performance Installation
November 28th to December 10th
at DT Scenic Area
For 30 minutes each day I will be occupying the DT display window, where I will be playing with realities and plans of this minimal space, allowing those who walk on the street and those inside the artistic space to see a flexible landscape that connects the interior and exterior. It is a way of revealing possible versions of this “between” that I will be discovering onsite during this period.
Amanda Gatti - Escaparate Display Window DT Scenic Area Madrid
Ongoing Photo Series
Amanda's photo project has been taking place on this platform. This is an ongoing photo series that began on June 4th.
An architecture in transformation. Or part of an architecture in transformation. An elevator will be installed in the building where the artist lives in Lavapiés, Madrid. Amanda has been registering the process of what this place can and will become. She takes a picture a day.
Amanda Gatti Escada Escalera Durational Photography
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