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Site-specific solo exhibition
Lavapiés / Madrid - Spain
Inventory is a site-specific solo exhibition in which I turn my home into an art gallery, presenting pieces created with and from my personal belongings and the house itself. Investigating subjects such as functionality, the ephemeral, affection and displacement.
Amanda Gatti_INVENTARIO_Formato 1000x300px (1).png
Ongoing Photo Series
Amanda's most recent project has been taking place on this platform. This is an ongoing photo series that began on June 4th.
An architecture in transformation. Or part of an architecture in transformation. An elevator will be installed in the building where the artist lives in Madrid. Amanda has been registering the process of what this place can and will become. She takes a picture a day.
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-07 at 19.12_edited.jpg
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