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Catalogue, Text, Sound, Video,


Artist book (in development)


Project developed during the MA in Performing Arts & Visual Culture, at the Reina Sofía Museum/Castilla-La Mancha University.

Hay un inventar dentro del inventario. Así como hay una casa dentro de una casa. 

Los objetos ocupan inventarios, igual que ocupan casas.

De pequeños a grandes, hay incluso algunos que están adormecidos.

During the first semester of 2023, I explored objects discarded on the streets. One day, observing the objects of my house, I realised that in the future, they will have the same fate as those I find on the streets. In other words, objects are circular and can belong to many people, but they always end up in this "outside" space.

Since then, I began to observe my personal objects from a different perspective. Despite not having many possessions or a strong attachment to them, I felt the need to document them. It is from this desire that I decided to create an inventory with different categories, intending to look from this "inside" perspective.

Through writing, an object can occupy an inventory, and the materiality of it occupies a house. I cannot help but see the house as a large-scale object, composed of smaller objects. Houses that we also leave, moving away from them.


Inventario is a site-specific exhibition in which I turn my home into an art gallery, presenting pieces created with and from my belongings and the house itself - exploring issues such as functionality, the ephemeral, affection, and displacement.

General description:

Solo site-specific exhibition in a 40m2 flat

It consists of seven works in distinct mediums

In the floor, a blue stripe outlined a direction for each piece.


Inventario Exhibition

Artist-Researcher: Amanda Gatti
Support and photo documentation: Pedro Mendes

Thanks to: Rosa Casado, Diana Delgado-Ureña, Silvia Duran Peña


Support by 

Reina Sofia Museum, UCLM, Teatro Pradillo, Azala Kreazio Espazioa, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, La Casa Encendida

Past dates:


The first period of the exhibition occurred in the context of the Open Studies of the MA in Performing Arts & Visual Culture, Madrid/Spain 


The second and final period of the exhibition occurred as an independent showcase, Madrid/Spain

Exhibition view




Baudrillard asserts that a person is bound to objects with the same visceral intimacy as organs are to their bodies. During the creation of this inventory - which occurred over 2 months - I spent more time than usual in my house, where I live with my partner. Everything that belongs to us is catalogued and organised into a series of categories.


Digital printing on A4 white paper

19 sheets - 21 x 29,7 cm (each one)

Framed with blue adhesive tape

A virtual version of the inventory is available here


Wall Mural



Mi coleccionismo para el instante

My collection of objects for the instant

When we receive a visitor, we clean and arrange the house unusually, showing only what, in subjective terms, we want to make visible. In an attempt to convert my house into a gallery, I chose to conceal my objects and exhibit them differently. Like a photo album, all the objects that originally occupied the living room and kitchen were documented and form this video art piece.


Single channel digital video, silent, colour, 30 minutes (looped)

Full hd video projector, Mannequin, Sofa

Video available under request

Video Installation



Objetos Adormecidos

Sleeping Objects

As I got “closer” to my objects, I began to admire them in a different way. One day, while taking inventory of my belongings, I opened some drawers and noticed that some small objects were dormant, with the same passivity as a collection. These are undefined objects, relics, failed purchases, or simply things waiting for their moment of use.


40 objects placed in an area of 1m2 under a warm LED light

This area was accessed by the public via a ladder attached to the wall




Una porción de mi

A piece of me

About three years ago, I experienced a significant amount of hair loss. At that time, I decided to cut my own hair, and, for reasons I can't exactly recall, I have kept it ever since. That piece of me represents a version of myself that now, even outside of my body, still exists. When I remove a part of myself, I transform it into an object.


A strand of hair preserved in a plastic bag

Three Instax Photos

A magnifying glass (interactive object)





The bed is the most intimate object of a house. It holds the desires, dreams, and fears of those who rest in it. However, when intimacy is observed, manipulated, or penetrated, it ceases to be so. This installation space invites visitors to lie down on the bed while a sound piece is played.


A 190cm x 140 bed

Two bedside lamps covered with green filters

Digital sound file / Duration: 5 minutes (looped)

Text and sound available here

Sound Installation



Objeto Persistente

Persistent Object

During the first semester of 2023, letters addressed to a woman named Silvia began to arrive at my house. Most of these letters were related to the general elections in Spain. I discarded them all. The persistence of these document-objects made me start questioning this “house space”. I wondered, what was my flat like when Silvia lived here? Adverbs of time carry with them the germ of ruin. The house, this large-scale object, condenses the characteristics and traces of inhabiting. I decided to trace Silvia. I sent her a message, and she replied.


Installation space under a LED light covered with red filter

Headphones, two chairs, a laptop

Video: 7 minutes (looped) | Digital, Color | Spanish

Video available under request

Video Installation



Objetos Descartados

Discarded Objects

During the inventory creation process, I realized that some objects are not necessary in my life. Firstly, because I don't need so many things. Secondly, because I lead a somewhat nomadic life, constantly moving houses in recent years. This durational installation was planned around a series of objects I was parting with. In each exhibition session, the objects are replaced. Visitors were free to take any of these discards as souvenirs.


A collection of "souvenirs-objects" such as an umbrella, maps, a keychain, balloons, flowerpots, earrings, etc,

Durational Installation


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